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Tamara was born and raised in the country in Michigan. Being a country girl was something that she loved. Being in nature with her horse, Tamara learned to love her free spirit.

Being born with blonde hair and blue eyes was something people instantaneously judged her for. Navigating this energy of “you don’t belong here” or “you seem too good for here” is something that has been a lifelong struggle. She has learned to lean into this awareness of being made wrong for who she is, and use this information to help others navigate their life without the internal wrongness struggle. 

What if it’s okay that you're amazingly beautiful? What if you didn’t have to dim your light just because someone else feels like you're shining too brightly? 


Throughout her life, Tamara has experienced multiple levels of abuse due to these old paradigms and projections. In fact, she found herself choosing abusive relationships over and over. It seemed as though, because she was made wrong for being her, she continued to choose people who would validate that inner wrongness. And now, today, Tamara is helping others to move forward with their life without carrying that inner wrongness with them.


Tamara specializes in helping people heal their inner self and fill their hearts with the joy of embodiment. Even after losing one of her sons, Tamara has found the strength to move forward spreading the eternal message of love and living life to the fullest. 

Tamara loves yoga, writing, painting, singing, and embodying her beauty without judgment or filters, showing up as her true authentic self embodying love. She is a Reiki healer, energy facilitator, and life coach. She would love to assist you in finding your flow and joy through mindset work to set your life free. 

What Clients Say

"Tammy was so patient and so kind. She was spot on with figuring out the energies and the struggles I was dealing with. When I feel like I couldn’t explain myself well, she figured it out. I can’t wait to continue working with her gifts. She was amazing!! Thank you Tammy!"

Mary Beth C. 

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