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Do you struggle with self-doubt? Find it hard to listen to that inner voice?


Do you deeply desire to love the person you see in the mirror?

 Did you know that most women struggle throughout their life with self-esteem issues stemming from inner self abuse that cost them their happiness each and everyday? 

You've Tried So Hard To Break This Cycle.....

It seems no matter what you do or choose, the nagging self-doubt and the guilt of your past choices catch up with you. Even though you don't want to be in this space anymore, you just can't seem to really change anything. 
You've taken so many courses....
You've been trying to be a better chooser for your life....
The fear is crippling.... What if you make a wrong choice again? 
Will you suffer the consequences of this choice?
Why does life feel so hard?

The Negative Thoughts...
The Self-Doubt...
The Internal Shame... 

Ready to stop cycling in survival mode?

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First step in life transformation is being able to be present with the thoughts, emotions, and unconscious patterns that run your life. Becoming present and mindful of what you are telling yourself, thinking about your life, and allowing yourself to experience are key to transforming your life for good. 


When your energy changes, your life shows up differently! Allow me to facilitate those stuck patterns throughout your energy field so you may experience life differently. As an energy facilitator, I will assist you in creating massive changes throughout your energy field, creating massive shifts in the way you think, create, and be.  


What if you stopped beating yourself up for good? Kick self doubt to the curb with energy facilitation and change those old mindset patterns forever! I will also teach you how to move forward within this new space to make confident choices moving forward. 


Consciousness Facilitator, Author
Mindfulness Meditation Coach, Healer, Mom, Friend

I am a multi-faceted woman who has dedicated my life to embracing differences and difficulties all while sharing love and uplifting others. I am a successful self made business woman, who against all odds has continued to thrive in many environments that have tried to sink me.

In addition, I have experienced multiple levels of abuse, separation, and loss.  Life has never been easy for me, but I have taken even the worst loss and used my strength to help others.

In 2016, I suffered the loss of my oldest son. During this time, I found solace in being able to continue on and spread the message of unconditional love my son taught me. 


Learning to navigate loss and existing without this piece of me, I have learned to embrace the depth of love within myself to promote self discovery and loving yourself on a whole new level.

In my first book, I express my unique message of embracing my true authenticity and loving myself despite your differences. These writings include the many lessons I have learned to master within my own being. Never feeling like I belonged was a childhood internal struggle, and being able to embrace my differences is something I feel very passionate about today. 


If you are done feeling separate and hating your differences, allow me to help you release yourself from the shackles of self judgment.


Change Your Patterns Of Self-Abuse By Changing Your Energy For Good.


Be love is a verb, it's love in action. I do my part to "get in good trouble" as Rep. John Lewis said. My only hope is that people can look at one another and be kind, loving, and respectful regardless of our differences. I pray we can see how much we are the same, and demand equality for all.

During some of the most divided and troubled times our world has experienced, I pray for God's guidance and blessing that all will receive these words and images with the intent that they were written. That readers will feel inspired and led to love by being love and spreading love.

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Book Reviews


More Testimonials


Bonnie Wertman

Tammy is very insightful and has a very nurturing energy. She was very helpful with clearing and removing old patterns and parts of myself that no longer served me. I highly recommend Tammy to anyone who is truly ready to make positive shifts in their life so they can truly enjoy the life they were meant to live!

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I have had the pleasure of working with Tamara for years now. She is a kind hearted light bringer, who provides a safe space to share and create love. The space of allowance and ease she holds for others is a true gift. Her nurturing energy creates space for change just by being in her presence. If learning to love yourself is what you desire, Tamara is the perfect coach to support you on your journey.

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Erasing Fear And Hate.
Embracing Oneness
And Love. Be Love.

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